March 23, 2023

Use Cases – Legacy ERP

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Companies with outdated systems can find it difficult to stay compliant with changing regulations and requirements. This is especially true for e-invoicing and public procurement, where the government may require companies to use certain platforms and standards. If a company has an old system that does not meet these requirements, it can be difficult to maintain compliance and avoid penalties or fines.

There are many reasons why companies maintain systems that cannot meet these requirements. For example, the system may be too old to be compatible with the latest technologies, or it may be tied to other systems that are difficult or impossible to modify. In other cases, the cost of upgrading or replacing the system may be too high, or the company simply may not have the resources, time or knowledge to make the necessary changes.

In these cases, the A-Cube API can provide a solution, acting as a bridge between an outdated company system and a government platform such as KSeF. 

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