March 23, 2023

Me vs KSeF – A-Cube API

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A-Cube has developed adaptable and API-centric solutions that easily connect businesses and government agencies to help digitally transform governments. A-Cube’s products, which range from e-invoicing to e-banking interfaces, are tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes using a technical approach to development and a personal approach to customer service.

New document standards require governments around the world to transfer data in a compliant manner. To catch up, companies and organizations require automated processes that are safe, fast and reliable. With solutions that make it possible to achieve goals that were previously unimaginable, A-Cube is the perfect partner for companies looking to take advantage of the transformation of the Fintech sector.

Product value

Integrating an existing ERP system with KSeF can be a challenge, depending on the complexity of such a system, the quality of information, as well as the company’s time and resources. The ACube API fits perfectly here, eliminating the need to create KSeF integrations from scratch, by providing a high-quality API that is ready for immediate use and implementation at the customer’s site. In addition, A-Cube provides a scalable and, more importantly, infrastructure tested on the Italian market, which has been replicated for the needs of Polish e-invoicing. 

A-Cube PL API functionalities

  1. Authentication of the company to KSeF by onboarding
  2. Adding an authorization token enabling identification and communication between the client’s system and KSeF.
  3. Management of own customer database.
  4. Validation of compliance of structured invoices with the scheme published by KSeF. Possible formats are XML and JSON.
  5. Information about errors on an invoice
  6. Sending an invoice to KSeF (XML, JSON)
  7. Adding attachments to an invoice
  8. Monitoring the invoice processing status in KSeF
  9. Receiving an individual invoice number and the time of receipt assigned by KSeF. 
  10. Incoming invoices.
  11. Notifications (webhook) – implemented using system-to-system communication in JSON format.
  12. UPO information for the invoice.
  13. Visualization of the invoice in HTML format.
  14. Downloading the XML
  15. file. Downloading the PDF file of the invoice.
  16. Access to the invoice for the recipient. 
  17. Validation of NIP numbers.
  18. Client panel in the browser

Client description

A-Cube API is an ideal solution for companies and organizations that want to streamline the process of electronic invoicing and exchanging digital documents with KSeF. Using our ready-made API, you can save valuable time and reduce project costs by eliminating the need to build and maintain a complex infrastructure in the cloud. Our solution will work in companies working on integrating systems with KSeF, platforms creating their own solutions, software houses building dedicated solutions for their clients, and even companies with complex and unique tools in which modifications are expensive or impossible. A-Cube API can be used as an extension of the entire infrastructure, making it a perfect choice also for auditing and accounting firms. 

The common denominator of the use of ACube PL API for the obtained value is:

  • ready-made API
  • reduction of time to create the entire solution
  • reduction of project costs
  • elimination of creating and maintaining complex infrastructure in the cloud use

Target customers for the application of the A-Cube PL API include.

  1. Companies working on integrating systems with KSeF in a broad spectrum.
  2. Platforms that develop their own solutions and automate processes related to the area of ​​accounting, costs, invoice monitoring, BI.
  3. Software House building dedicated solutions for their clients.
  4. Companies with complex and unique solutions where modifications are expensive or even impossible. In this case, ACube PL API can be an extension of the entire infrastructure
  5. Audit companies.
  6. Accounting companies.